Worst NFL Stadiums

The NFL has become America’s favorite pastime. Many of its teams have been working to improve the fan experience, especially with rising ticket prices in football. Some cities have great stadiums and give the fan a complete experience.  You’ll see these teams with more of a home field advantage than some of the others.

Other markets are just trying to make sure the team doesn’t leave to go elsewhere. For a variety of reasons here are the worst stadiums in the NFL.  You won’t see them hosting a Super Bowl any time soon.

Oakland Alameda Coliseum – Oakland Raiders

It’s amazing that one of the most historic franchises in NFL history still can’t get their own stadium. The Oakland Alameda Coliseum is the only multi-sport facility still in use for both MLB baseball and NFL football. If this wasn’t enough, the old stadium has curves in the seating arrangement that puts fans in awkward in relation to the field. The cherry on top may be the fact that the building has plumbing issues that have included sewage backups that have been enormous.

Qualcomm Stadium – San Diego Chargers

Despite an ideal location, Qualcomm Stadium is more than fifty years old. The concrete structure shows cracks and signs of aging. Furthermore the stadium does not have many of the modern features that most stadiums have. The press box and locker rooms also leave a lot to be desired.

Ralph Wilson Stadium – Buffalo Bills

More than forty years old, Ralph Wilson Stadium should be a thing of the past. The stadium walls do little to keep the fans and play on the field from the strong Lake Erie winds. A domed stadium seems much more appropriate for a team that plays in the conditions that this team does. Ownership seems slow to think about a new stadium, so fans may be stuck for some time.

FedEx Field – Washington Redskins

Fed Ex Field does have it’s advantages, such as the large seating capacity of 90,000. The fan experience however doesn’t seem to be very good. A number of the seats have been removed to add party zones and make it to sell out games. It is challenging to get to the stadium if you are using public transportation. The grass surface has been a constant criticism by many throughout the league.

Sun Life Stadium – Miami Dolphins

Sun Life Stadium was once seen as great but just doesn’t meet current NFL standards. The stadium offers very little comfort for fans. Fans in the north stands are subjected to the Florida heat and almost all fans have no protection from the Florida rain. Simply put the stadium is getting old and no longer offers the excitement of new stadiums.

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