How Super Bowl Cities Are Chosen

Ever wonder how they choose where to hold the Super Bowl? You would think that it would only be in a party town, but this is not so. The NFL (National Football League) tells us that they take certain things into consideration when choosing the stadium. These things are:

1. The city wants to either build a new stadium or improve the one that is already there.  You won’t find any of the worst stadiums hosting.
2. The city or arena has a good franchise.
3. The city plays well with others.
4. The city may even have to beg a little.

For instance, when the Super Bowl was played in Indianapolis the city was able to build a new state of the art stadium. The Colts franchise was able to put up one hundred million dollars, and the procedes from the Super Bowl paid the rest. Cities bid for the holding the Super Bowl as it brings in not only money but it gives the city prestige. Why would the city not want the Super Bowl? It can bring in as much as two million dollars during the game week.

The bidding process is kept as secretive as possible. It can take more than one round of bidding to pick the city that will hold the game. When the 2014 Super Bowl was chosen, it took four rounds of secret ballots in order to pick New Jersey.

The 2009 Super Bowl chose Tampa because Tampa offered all the owners a golf outing with Arnold Palmer, along with one hundred fifty tickets to Busch Garden theme park. The Cowboys Stadium was chosen in 2011 because the stadium paid the league one million dollars to cover the cost of game day.  It didn’t hurt that it is one of the best NFL stadiums.

The city for Super Bowl 51 was chosen at the owners’ spring meeting in May 2013. It is going to be held at Reliant Stadium which was renamed NRG Stadium in 2014. It will be played on February 5, 2017, in Houston, Texas. Houston must offer great incentives since this the third time that the Super Bowl has been held in Houston. The first one was in 1974 and the second was in 2004.

The selection for Super Bowl LI had Houston competing against Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida. Florida’s bid depended on renovating the stadium. When Florida legislature would not approve funding they lost their chance. Their loss gave Houston the edge, and they were chosen.

There is a little controversy concerning Houston’s hosting the game. The voters rejected an ordinance which prohibited discrimination by gender identity in housing, and in city contracting. The NFL stated that since Houston was already chosen they would just leave it that way. While Houston will still host Super Bowl 51 even tho, there are still concerns that there will be a backlash against the Super Bowl-centered around sponsorship and entertainment.

You can check out the NFL’s Super Bowl history page to see where the event has been held in the past.

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