Upcoming Final Four Locations

The crowds that the Final Four draws in the NCAA Basketball Tournament continues to grow each year. Innovative locations open up their doors to hundreds of thousands of fans as they cheer on their alma mater or current university to victory.

The future of the tournament provides these locations to prepare for such crows and collections of individuals from all across the United States. In 2016 the Final Four took place at NRG Stadium in Houston, TX. This stadium is home to the Houston Texans and the transformation of a football stadium into a basketball environment was truly a site to see. Below we’ll take a look at the next few years of tournaments and their Final Four locations.

2017 University of Phoenix Stadium (Phoenix, AZ)

This stadium came into existence in the year of 2006. It is the current home to the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals. This modern marvel features some unique capabilities that one will not find within other stadiums. The entire turf can be moved from the ground to a spate location that allows for a quick demolition for a tournament, concert or other similar events. This feature allows for the stadium to be host to some of the biggest events each year. In 2015 the stadium played host to the Super Bowl between the Seahawks and Patriots. In 2016 the stadium played host to the first ever College Football Playoffs in a matchup that pitted Alabama against Clemson. It will be interesting to see how this stadium does a major basketball event, but based on past experience, they can do it all.

2018 Alamodome (San Antonio, TX)

The Alamodome has a rather extensive list of events over the course of its history. Constructed in 1993 the stadium played home to the San Antonio Spurs from 1993-2002. The dome now plays host to most University of Texas at San Antonio events. It is a convention center, home to many large concert tours, and has hosted NCAA tournament games and Final Four competitions in the past. The Alamodome is no rookie when it comes to Final Four competitions and they look to provide these student athletes with the opportunity of a lifetime in 2018.

2019 U.S. Bank Stadium (Minneapolis, MN)

Minnesota’s U.S. Bank stadium is the most recent constructed fixture on the list of upcoming Final Four venues. The stadium just recent completed its final construction processes and will host a ribbon cutting in mid-July. It is the first fixed roof stadium since the Detroit Lions modeled their stadium in a similar fashion about 14 years ago. The stadium will be home to the Minnesota Vikings and it will be the first time that the Final Four tournament was held in Minnesota since 2001. U.S. Bank Stadium plays home to the 2018 Super Bowl which is followed up with this 2019 Final Four tournament bid. It will be an electrifying venue for sports fans as it features some of the best new inventions and programming that any stadium has to offer.